Recovery of compensation for violation of exclusive rights to a trademark

Recovery of compensation

If the rights to a trademark are violated, the right holder has the right to present the following claims:

  • On recovery of damages
  • On the recovery of compensation, the amount of which is determined by the court based on the nature of the violation or the market value of similar goods

The best way to protect yourself is to seek compensation. Lawsuits for compensation for infringement of trademark rights are considered by the courts. The term of consideration is usually 3-6 months.

Before filing a lawsuit, it is mandatory to file a C&D letter with the infringer.

We provide comprehensive support in cases of recovery of compensation for infringement of exclusive rights to a trademark:

  • violation analysis, risk and possibility of protection assessment - free of charge,
  • collection of evidence (procurement, notary inspection, etc.) - from 90,000 ₸
  • preparation and submission of a C&D letter - 50,000 ₸
  • judicial support of the lawsuit in the court of first instance - 300,000 ₸

State fees, postage, notary services, etc. (if necessary) are paid separately.

We are also ready to accompany the enforcement proceedings based on the results of the consideration of the lawsuit. Support for enforcement proceedings includes the preparation and filing of a claim for a writ of execution, receipt of a writ of execution, preparation and filing of a claim for the initiation of enforcement proceedings, support for enforcement proceedings.

Cost of services – 20,000 ₸

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