Pre-trial dispute settlement

Pre-trial dispute settlement

In case of violation of the rights to a trademark, the right holder has the right to file a C&D letter to the infringer in order to resolve the dispute out of court.

At the same time, filing a C&D letter in the event of a demand for monetary compensation is mandatory. The requirement is established by law, the deadline for response to such a letter is 30 days from the date of sending.

If only non-pecuniary claims are made, filing a C&D letter is not mandatory, but it can serve as a way to resolve the dispute without going to court.

Cost of services:

  • C&D letter - from 50,000 ₸
  • negotiations with the infringer – 30,000 ₸/hour

The result will be the resolution of the dispute out of court or compliance with the mandatory C&D procedure.

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