Trademark registration

Means of distinguishing of goods are one of the core elements of competition and profitability of businesses, which, in turn, directly influences the position of the right holder on the market.

Types of trademarks:

  • word marks
  • design/figurative marks
  • combined trademarks
  • position marks
  • color marks

Goods and services applied for the registration of a trademark are chosen in accordance with The Nice Classification (NCL) of goods and services (45 classes NCL).

AIS specialists take a comprehensive approach when registering our clients' trademarks, which includes:

  • evaluation of a designation for its registrability as a trademark
  • search for trademarks and filings that are identical of confusingly similar to the clients' trademark
  • choosing of NCL classes that align with current business activities and future goals
  • if needed prepare a contract with the designations' designer to conclude
  • registration of a trademark: filing of an application, support and follow-up, receiving of a trademark certificate

We provide services in all EAEU Member States, including registration of trademarks under international Madrid system.

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