Market surveys and detection of counterfeit

Market surveys and detection of counterfeit

Despite all the measures employed by Customs and law enforcement, the majority of counterfeit and grey goods still enter the internal market. This is why active work in the internal market are vital for an effective counterfeit protection program.

Such work is usually aimed at:

  • uncovering places of storage and trade in counterfeit goods;
  • collection of evidence sufficient for further action with law enforcement and/or customs;
  • initiation and support of raid actions carried out by law enforcement in order to seize the infringing goods from circulation and bring the violators to responsibility for IP rights breach.

A big competitive advantage of AIS is that our representatives operate in every EAEU Member State and, thus, have in-depth knowledge of the market. They can work swiftly and effectively to discover violations in various parts of the countries (e.g. in retail trade), which cuts down on costs for the right holder and allows for efficient collection of evidence. AIS detectives carry out investigations in order to uncover supply chains, places of storage and manufacture, and amounts of counterfeit items stored in such places. After all necessary information is collected and processed, AIS lawyers provide adequate preparation and filing of claims, and smooth running of potential raid actions carried out by law enforcement.

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