Our specialists develop comprehensive brand protection strategies based on the client’s requests and the scope of the challenge at hand. One of the key points of such strategies is introduction of the client’s trademarks into the Customs Registers of the relevant EAEU countries outlining counterfeit indicators to be used by customs authorities while performing customs clearance and raid actions.

Brand protection strategies also include collection and sifting through information about imported goods, their volumes, and means of entering the internal market in order to analyze possible risk areas and adjust our work accordingly. Our close working relationship with law enforcement agencies ensures their participation in internal market surveys aimed at detecting potentially counterfeit items on sale. AIS specialists also assist with organization of raid actions to find and seize counterfeit products.

One of the main areas of expertise of our company is search and collection of evidence. This service is especially helpful in the process of identifying sources of distribution of counterfeit products and their storage locations. Consolidation of sufficient evidence is key for seizure of counterfeit items from the market by law enforcement with their subsequent destruction.

As a rule, simultaneously with criminal or administrative procedures, there should be a claim for the termination of the use of a trademark in a civil law procedure and litigation related to the recovery of compensation for the use of a trademark, a demand for compensation for the losses of the right holder from the illegal activities of the infringer.

Our company ensures protection of exclusive rights by providing services for the prevention or prohibition of the use of intellectual property objects, by collecting compensation, limiting the rights of use or a complete ban. Such services present a set of measures that allow, in accordance with the law, to fight against counterfeiting and misuse of intellectual property rights.

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