Copyright protection

Copyright protection

Copyright infringement may be the use of a work without the consent of the author or the owner of exclusive rights, reprinting texts, posting photographs, using songs, etc.

If copyright is infringed, the author or owner of exclusive rights has the right to demand termination of the infringement, as well as payment of damages, or compensation in the amount of:

  1. damages, including lost profits,
  2. recovery of income received by the infringer as a result of violation of copyright and/or related rights,
  3. compensation in the amount of one hundred to fifteen thousand monthly calculation indices.

In the case of a dispute in court, it is not necessary to file a claim before filing a C&D letter. At the same time, in order to amicably resolve the dispute, we recommend sending a C&D letter before going to court in any case.

Cost of services:

  • preparation of a C&D letter - from 50,000 ₸
  • recordation of violation - from 65,000 ₸
  • support of the case in the court of first instance - from 300,000 ₸

State fees, postage, notary services, etc. (if necessary) are paid separately.

We are also ready to support the enforcement proceedings based on the results of the consideration of the claim. This includes the preparation and filing of a claim for a writ of execution, receipt of a writ of execution, preparation and filing of a claim for the initiation of enforcement proceedings, support for enforcement proceedings.

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