International Seminar

International Seminar

On June 23, international seminar for IP protection and enforcement in EAEU member states was successfully held in Astana, Kazakhstan.

The landmark nature of the seminar, held for the first time in three years, was welcomed by the professional community and EAEU authorities.

One of the key outcomes of the extended discussions on a variety of IP matters is that it is high time for state authorities and right holders to work together and develop a working law enforcement practice to effectively protect IP rights and combat the spread of counterfeit in the region.

Of note, a unique practice of IP enforcement on the Internet in Russia was shared by the Head of the Center for Intellectual Property of Moscow Innovation Cluster and lawyers of a renowned law firm Gorodissky & Partners.

The seminar was a great opportunity to share practices and experience, as well as discuss pressing issues for but the business community and government bodies.

We are sure that this is the start of an annual tradition for the professional community to come together and combine our efforts in improving the IP protection and enforcement practices in EAEU member states.

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